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Interpretation of Style and Coziness

Dongguan villas is located in No.22 Building of Dongguan · Vanke City ·Triumph

Peninsula · Amber County

As Lao She said, life is the melody of light and shadow, sometimes you need to make judgments or choices, and sometimes you will be happy, sometimes you will cry, while, the flavor of life is just in these changes. From this point of view, this Case, based on the authentic comprehension of life, with light and shadow as a clue, abandoning multifarious techniques, integrates Chinese style and European style in the concise space, to add the dimension of flowing time, and create a quality and poetic life environment for the owners carefully.

Plan each function reasonably to realize multi-dimensional coordination and deeply meet with the real life and demands of each family member.

Fullness of nature, luster of time, poetry of Life, are harmonized in the space. The essence and elegance after years of purification and refining, the remaining poetry and spirit after paring and removing, which are pursued and appreciated by the Wabi-Sabi, are conveyed here one after another.

In order to match up with the designer’s design concept, G.E.T. Casa specially introduces parquets of the Gerko Design Collection from Belgium, to adequately show the overall space emphasizing vitality. 

About AlsonDesign:

AlsonDesign is a medium-sized and cutting-edge design consultancy, providing the service of promoting brand value and makes it as the core. Its design services cover the interior space, brand identity system, post soft decoration, gardening design and other supporting business.

AlsonDesign develops various business including catering space, commercial space, real estate, clubs and boutique hotels, etc. Relying on its professional artistic perspective, AlsonDesign could satisfy clients with the aesthetic requirements of different levels.

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