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Since 2017, G.e.t. Casa together with the World Vision, The Amity Foundation, Tencent Charitable Foundation and the Urban and Rural Development Service Center for Children of Pingquan County in Hebei Province to start the “Love In築動愛” project, which aims to build a home for the local left-behind children. This “home” is the “Child Care Centre” in Maozishan Village.

The “Child Care Centre” project, in concert with the local infrastructure, is designed to support the local left-behind children to enjoy a better life and growing environment even though they are provisionally away from the care of their parents. The “Child Care Centre” aims at improving the daily life of left-behind children. After the infrastructure and staff such as schools and teachers are all in place, the Centre could let them stay in a safe and comfortable place to have recreation and learn what interests them after school even if their teachers and families are too busy to take care of them. To a further consideration, it will share the caring pressure on left-behind children’s families and schools.

Through this Love In design competition, G.e.t. Casa has selected an excellent construction plan for the “Child Care Centre”, the champion design of “Hope Village” which becomes the prototype of this project.

After more than a year of design and preparation, a preliminary result of “Child Care Centre” is achieved. G.e.t. Casa has given fully support to the project since its beginning. In addition to funding the project, G.e.t. Casa also takes part in the implementation. Mr. Billy Chan, Chairman of G.e.t. Casa, went to Maozishan Village of Pingquan in Hebei several times and participated in the project construction personally.

Through two years of hard work, we have begun the construction of the “Child Care Centre” in the Maozishan Village of Pingquan and gradually completed the foundation.

In recognition of G.e.t. Casa’s contribution to the construction of Pingquan area over the past two years, World Vision specially awarded G.e.t. Casa a certificate of appreciation to express its approbation of G.e.t. Casa’s contribution. The Chairman of G.e.t. Casa, Mr. Billy Chan, accepted the certificate on behalf of the company. Furthermore, he also said that the Love In project is a longlasting action; as an enterprise, G.e.t. Casa not only benefits from the society, but also has the responsibility to give back to the society; G.e.t. Casa will continue to invest resources in the later construction of the “Child Care Centre” to ensure the completion of the project.

The “Child Care Centre” will eventually form a friendly complement to the local construction. The local children will have a cozy and safe place to conduct various activities outside the school, which will further improve the living standard of the local people.

Love In築動愛will never stop. Likewise, G.e.t. Casa will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility to make contribution to more communities in need.

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