Established in 1998, G.e.t. Casa has now become one of the most successful companies in the industry of imported tiles and parquets. G.e.t. Casa is also determined to becoming the best provider of building decorative materials in the world.

Providing quality services and products in the last decade, G.e.t. Casa has gained industrial recognition to become the sole distributor of many international brands of ceramics, parquets, and the market leader in the world of imported building decorative materials in Chinese market. As a market leader, every year G.e.t. Casa selects the hottest products directly from Europe, in order to inspire you with the hottest trend and the unique experience.

Today, G.e.t. Casa has 28 showrooms in 24 different cities in China; Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanning, Dongguan, Suzhou, Nanchang, Xiamen, Kunming, Fuzhou, Guiyang, Changsha, Taizhou, Chongqing, Shaoxing, Cixi, Chengdu, Wuhan,Xuzhou, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Haerbin and Dalian. Along with the direct showrooms, G.e.t. Casa has also owned a completely developed network of franchisee and distributors, providing high-quality services and products throughout the country.